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After failure in interview, I thought let’s try to learn this system design in depth. Then I understand to crack interview we don’t need to learn everything. Fundamentals of System Design is enough to crack this interviews. I gone through various You Tube Channel which taught System Design. I looked to the course content of System expert then I thought with learning let’s create a series of blog which might help people in nutshell what topic to study or give importance while preparing for System Design Interview.



2)What Are Design Fundamentals?

3)Client-Server Model

4)Network Protocols


6)Latency and Throughput

Excel to SQL Tables


In the real world, data is mostly in the format of files i.e. Excel sheets. These excel sheets are not well structured and it contains multiple sheets, which is very complex to handle and hard to visualize (larger data) with using cross sheets with some complex conditions. SQL does this task very easily with schema structure and joins.

SQL is a Structured Query Language, which is the base of all the SQL Database. for e.g. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

SQL is much faster than Excel sheets. It can take hours to do a task in Excel and in…

What you should know to take part in any blockchain-related technology or debates are as follow:
1)What is Blockchain?
2)Understanding SHA256 Hash(Algorithm currently used by Bitcoin )
3)Immutable Ledger
4)Distributed P2P network(The Nonce)
5)How Mining Works (The Cryptographic Puzzle)
6)Consensus Protocol(Defence against Attackers, Competing chains)

What is Blockchain?

“Sometimes it is hard to find your passion since everyone in double mind. What should be done and what should ignore it is the main Question arise in mind. Don’t run after everything that is, you find attractive, just do what you want to do and passion will find you on their own.”

Deep Learning uses various libraries to train the models. Some famous Deep Learning Libraries (in python ) are as follows:
From the above three, I like Tensorflow because of the below reasons.
a)Provides both C++ and Python API that makes it easier to work on.
b)Has a faster compilation time than other Deep Learning libraries like Torch and Keras. …


We are spending most of our time looking at screens i.e. Mobile Phones, TV, Laptop etc. They have become a big part of our lives and VR and AR are the two technologies that are changing the way we use screens creating a new and exciting experience both in a different way. The market for AR and VR products in 2018 is expected to be 17.8 billion dollars but by 2022 it is expected to…

Web Development is one of the basic when you start developing any application. Web development is getting hike when we combine with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
So How to start, here I’ll try to explain in brief about this.
The Main Building Block of Web Development is are follows:
FRONT-END (Which user see i.e. …


Computer Vision is a field of computer science that enabling the computer to see just like a human.
Computer vision is the study of visual data. The demand of the visual data in the world is really exploded. Everyone has smartphones in which they have the 1 or 2 and maybe 3 cameras, we can say…

Is Deep Learning now overtaking the Machine Learning algorithm??
Let us first know what is Machine Learning?
Machine Learning was coined by “ Arthur Samuel” in the year 1959. As we know to perform any Machine Learning algorithm we require a humongous amount of data and very high computation power. But at that time we are not able to generate or…

Vikas Maurya

Data Analyst at Tata Power Ltd.

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