Recently I watched a movie named “Chhichhore”.It was supposed to be a fun watch. There was no plan to write about it. But I could not resist. It is not the kind of movie as would be suggested by its name. It is a movie which helps you understand the basics of creating a winning strategy and how you find a solution to any problem.

Here are the 5 pillars for creating a winning strategy inspired by Chhichhore.

You need a purpose to achieve anything in life. When something pinches you and it is constantly running in your mind, you develop an aspiration. The intensity of the aspiration shapes it into a purpose. Purpose helps you focus on achieving the desired results and it ignites you from inside.Hostel 4 Commitment is not enough. Commitment only works as a threshold. It does not give a clear guarantee of winning. You need a game plan to win the game. Sexa and Maya distracting competitors

2. #Competence

hostel 4 is with all kinds of real-life characters. Hostel 4 never Won GC (Hostel Sports Competition),hence they got a tag of losers that pinched him to win the GC so that they can remove the Losers Tag.

purpose is not always enough. You can win only when you have the required competence. If you don’t have competence, don’t worry you can build it. Organization call this Talent Development and Talent Acquisition Respectively.

hostel 3 was the best hostel. They have good sportsmen with good hostel facilities. But hostel 4 never give up on this by saying that they have better talents than us.

3. #Commitment

Competence is not enough. Competence needs a commitment to perform. Commitment is developed by putting something important at stake.

Hostel 4 boys asked to put something on the stake which they can’t live without. “Derek” sacrifices cigarette, “Acid” sacrifices abuses, “Mummy” sacrifices talking to his mother, “Ani” sacrifices talking to his girlfriend, “Bevda” sacrifices Alcohol because of this he had to hospitalized, his commitment inspires others.

4. #GamePlan

Hostel 4 people realized they are not going to win with only this bare commitment. So they start a game plan like they hire pseudo kabaddi coach who played with competitors minds, paid cheering crowd to create pressure Acid makes slogans to distract and make their moral down, Sexa took help of “Maya” to distract their main table tennis player it was so funny but yes it is their game plan there is nothing wrong because they play with their mind and make game plan accordingly.

5. #ContinuousMonitoring

Game Plan is not enough either. You need to continue monitoring your progress in real-time so that you can modify your game plan as the game progresses.

Hostel 4 stared with a dashboard to monitor their position in GC. Continuously monitoring helps them to find a winning opportunity. That is how they identified the 42 kg category and had “Danda” reduces his weight for it.


After watching the movie, I had a purpose for myself. spoiler alert, In the movie at last hostel 4 didn’t manage to win GC after so much of hard work and dedication but they removed the tag of the loser, So from this, I can conclude that Winning is not important but how you approach it that is the most important thing.



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