How to start Web Development?

“When you are doing any work…. do it worship, as the highest worship, and devote your whole life to it for the time being.”

Web Development is one of the basic when you start developing any application. Web development is getting hike when we combine with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
So How to start, here I’ll try to explain in brief about this.
The Main Building Block of Web Development is are follows:
FRONT-END (Which user see i.e. Graphical User Interface)
1)HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language)
2)CSS3 (Cascading Stylesheet)
3)JS (Javascript)
BACK-END(Which user can’t see)
1)PHP (Pre Processor Hypertext)
2)MySQL or SQLite (Database)

All the above-mentioned Languages are the most important one, hence the first focus on that then you can go for below-mentioned Languages. (Rich Internet application languages i.e to make web pages more user interactive and speedy)
1)AJAX(Asynchronous Javascript And XML)
3)JSON(Javascript Object Notation)

By reading the above-mentioned languages you will be in fear since so many to learn and you will think that you will never gonna able to do it. Hence I am Writing this blog how to proceed, here I’ll speak about my approach to this web development thing.

Web Development can be classified into two main fields i.e. Front-End and Back-End. So you can choose one of this(i.e. front or back) OR you can be a full-stack Web developer(i.e. both front and back). It is a lot to ask if you choose full stack since you have to study all the things. Hence choose wisely and find your interest.


start learning the basic syntax for all the above languages and build a simple static page, then slowly you can jump on dynamic web pages.HTML is the simplest from all the above-mentioned languages. So start from that first.W3school ( the best website for learning basic of all the web development languages hence visit the site once.
HTML is used to describe the structure of web pages.
CSS is used to beautify the web pages.
JS is used to make pages dynamic.
PHP is used to connect to the database and server.
MySQL is used as database i.e. information storage.
AJAX is used to make pages load faster and asynchronously.
JQuery is used to make event handling easier since it is a javascript library.
JSON is used to send the data to the server in JSON format so that interaction speed with server increase.

You can also take one of the free udemy, udacity etc. courses. I also did that and believe me it helps you a lot when you know the basic of all the above-mentioned languages then you understand much better. Since the instructor tries to include all the topic in a particular flow and only necessary thing.
I suggest you to start developing things(i.e Websites ) side by side since when you do practically you learn the things a much better way.

Once you feel that you are now comfortable with all the topics then You can go for frameworks, Which makes web development more faster. Frameworks have some predefined function which makes web development easier and faster. Everyone thinks that if frameworks are easier then why to learn so many languages, But as a beginner, I suggest you learn first all the above-mentioned languages(eg. Bootstrap, Laravel, Django etc. There were so many frameworks but I Personally like Bootstrap).
A short Video in Which Web App is integrated with Machine Learning.

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Happy Machine Learning(Web Development)

Author: Vikas Maurya

Originally published at on January 26, 2019.

Lead Data Scientist at Tata Power Ltd.