Share Market in Nutshell

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What is the Share Market?

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Ever think of that, Why does the Share Market come into existence?

What are investors?

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Some Benefits:

Why do we need Share Market?

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Do you know the conventional way of investment?

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So if everyone invests why not invest in Share Market?

Some Famous Personality Who makes a huge amount of money from this Stock Market.

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Myths of Stock Market

Famous Stock Brokers

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There are 3 Accounts you require to start investing in the Stock Market.

There are 3 types or versions of the above 3 accounts.

What is Market Time?

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Pre Open Market Session coins 2 terms

How to select the company for which we want to buy stocks?

There are also 2 broad terminologies which are considered while selecting a stock of the company.

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So let start Fundamentals of Stock Market by Understanding different basic terminology used while trading in stock market.

How do we get profit by Trading?

There are 2 terms which you always listen to that are as follows.

What is Face Value?

What is Share Certificates?

What is Demat?

What is the Annual Report of the Company?

Face Value and List Price

What is Stock Split?

There are 2 main Stock Exchanges in India.



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